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Get the Roadmap to Scaling Up your Online Business to 6 figures and Beyond

 without Paid Ads or Spending Hours Creating Content

If you're an online entrepreneur, coach, or have a high-ticket service based business, we want to invite you to take the 5 Day Crush Your Content Challenge.  Get $25k worth of live coaching, mentorship, and tools to grow your business, for free.

There has never been a better time than NOW to explode your brand and build your own freedom.  Learn the exact steps you need to overcome your biggest hurdles, get your time back, and set yourself up as the go-to expert in your industry so that you have clients throwing themselves at you.

In just 5 days, you'll have everything you need to generate massive awareness for your business, attract clients on autopilot, and automate your content strategy.


The best way to be omnipresent on social media (with no extra effort and without being chained to your phone) so that you can gain constant attention and traffic for your brand.

Why you need to be leveraging video content to gain trust with your prospects and drive sales... and how to create amazing videos easily, even if you hate the camera or aren't confident.

How to automate 95% of your content creation so you're getting clients coming to you on autopilot without spending all of your time creating or worrying about what to post.

How to create content people actually care about and what to say in your videos to hook your audience so you can actually convert your viewers into revenue.

The best content marketing strategy to shorten your sales cycles and get more clients with ease... without pushy sales tactics.


"It was full of valuable content and I recommend it to any person out there who's trying to bring their idea to life.  They will not regret it."

- Martin H.
"The value packed... was incredible.  I learned so much... I didn't know what I didn't know until I learned a whole lot in this one week... I hope you get the opportunity... to work with Upperhand Creative." 

- Howard H.


5 Days of Actionable High-Value Content

Each day we'll walk you through our brand growth strategy and challenge you to take action on your own brand.  You'll know exactly what to do each day in order to implement this strategy in your business, create content on autopilot, maximize your reach, and gain new clients consistently to grow your business.

Join a Community of Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs

The challenge will be housed in a private Facebook group where you'll be surrounded by other visionary entrepreneurs working towards a common goal.
Entrepreneurship is often a lonely road. This group will be here for you to not only get answers to your questions, but also to engage with your fellow entrepreneurs and build life-long friendships and partnerships.  

August 30th-September 3rd

This is not another course full of videos that you watch and move on to the next.  This challenge is jam-packed with value and action items every day to keep you accountable.  We break down the exact steps you need to take each day and hold you accountable in the group.
We will focus on imperfect action so that by the end of the 5 days, this strategy is rooted and moving in your business, getting you results right away.

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Are you tired of chasing down prospects?

Constantly hearing "this looks great, let me think about it", only to never hear from them again?

Spending your days grinding away on social media, creating content that doesn't seem to be doing anything to actually grow your business?

Always worried about where your next client is coming from?

You know that if you could just get more people to see your offer, if you could just get the right people to listen to you, if you could just get some of your time back, you'd start to see results and move the needle in your business.

You know you have to figure out a better way to create the true freedom you crave and the lifestyle you want.

There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, and the lifestyle you want – the freedom, the security, the relationships – are all fueled by the business you build today. But to survive, and to really create freedom, we have to do things differently to get ahead

Businesses die in obscurity.  If we don't know how to generate consistent attention, from the right people, and how to convert that attention into paying customers consistently, our vision dies and we go back to a life we know is not meeting our potential.

That’s why I’ve decided to create this challenge to show you the exact steps you need to create a predictable, scalable, credible brand presence to build the business of your dreams and attract your perfect clients on autopilot. In just 5 days, get everything you need to fast-track your brand.

By the end of this challenge, you will learn:
  • Master the ultimate currency and lifeblood of your business - attention - and how to get a lot of it to convert into revenue. 
  • Position yourself as the expert in your field so clients come flocking to you. No more chasing down prospects.
  • Dominate social media and be everywhere - without any extra effort or additional work on your end.
  • ​How to look confident on camera even if you hate the lens or public speaking (and why you need to be creating video content)
  • ​Automate 95% of your content creation process and get it all done in less than 2 hours a week
  • ​Let your content go to work for you, 24/7 generating views, leads, and ultimately clients for years to come
And so much more...

Hit the button below to secure your spot before doors close.

To your success,
Giana Cambria, Founder
Upperhand Creative
"If you want to take your business to the next level in the most efficient way every, in one way that will allow you build upon blocks of success to reach your ultimate goal, then sign up for the 5 day challenge. You won't regret it!" 

- Chip Mitchell
"The traction you create by having a brand is incredible and that's what we've been able to do with the help of Upperhand.
So it was a God-send connecting with them. And now as a brand it's gaining traction and attracting people who think like I do..." 

- Howard Holliday


Digital CEOs, Entrepreneurs, 
and Biz Owners

You're a service-based business and you're looking to increase your revenue and bring in new clients consistently.

As a founder, your number one priority is selling! Nothing else works in a business if you aren't making sales consistently.  And as they say, sales solve all problems.

Maybe you hate sales.  Maybe you think you're not good at it.

You don't want to be pushy.  But how can you get the sales your business needs, consistently and predictably?

How can you get clients coming to you instead of the other way around?

That's exactly what we've figured out and are revealing in this 5 day challenge, step by step.  By the end of the week, you'll know exactly how to fulfill your duty as a founder and how to increase your revenue... without hiring sales people or being pushy.

Online Coaches and Consultants

You're an online coach or consultant, you have a coaching program or course, and you want to expand your reach, influence, and impact.

You know you need to be creating great content to help your audience and eventually get them to join your inner circle as a paying client.

Maybe you're already creating great content, or leveraging the power of video, but you're not getting great results yet.  Or you're stuck on the never-ending hamster wheel, spending all of your time on content.

Maybe you know you need to get on camera, but haven't found the courage to do it.  Or you don't know how, but you know it's holding you back.

I hear you.  I've been there.  That's where we come in.

We've used this strategy with over 50 other entrepreneurs, even if they hate the camera, and streamlined their process into an hour or two a week - while they get clients on autopilot from their content and build their brand presence.

Creators - YouTubers and Podcasters

You're a creator, you have a YouTube channel or podcast, or you're looking to start one.

You already are in the flow of creating content consistently - you just need to get it out to more people, or need to know how to leverage your time better so you're not spending all of your energy editing and promoting.

Or maybe you haven't started yet, and you don't know where to begin, or what kind of content you should create, or which idea to run with first.

I get it.

This challenge is going to make you highly efficient if you're already creating content, and give you back hours every week so you can do only the part you love and leave the rest elsewhere.

We'll show you how to effortlessly promote your content to grow your subscribers or listener base.  

And if you're looking to get started, we'll show you how to find the topics you should be covering, and how to talk about it so you hook people in. 

Join the challenge and get 5 Days of Branding, Content Strategy, Marketing, and Automation training from Giana Cambria, founder of Upperhand Creative.

We hold nothing back showing you exactly how to build your brand using video content, social media, outsourcing, and other proven strategies from start to finish, in just one week.  This training has previously only been given in our $3,997 program, but you get access to it for FREE for a limited time through the challenge.

Learn this repeatable and simple-to-follow method to generate the lifeblood of any business - attention and awareness.  Accelerate your success at any level, whether you're just starting to build out your idea or you've been in business for years.

When you sign up today, you'll get full access to a 5-day world class experience typically reserved for our private clients, for free.

Giana Cambria

Giana is the founder of Upperhand Creative, a branding and content agency that runs on autopilot.  

Over the last year, Giana and her team have helped over 50 entrepreneurs around the world build, scale, and launch their brand.
While building her agency, Giana was also a primary stake-holder in generating an additional $2 million in profit for a major international brand, leading field teams in the company's most successful partnership to date.

She's also been a speaker at multiple leadership events on the topics of building teams, scaling with processes and systems, and outsourcing for entrepreneurs.
"In this day and age, branding requires an extraordinary amount of innovation and having the unique ability to create meaningful, emotional connections with consumers. Giana and her team have an incredible way of working with you to create lasting efforts that will not only make your brand stand out now - but also be recognized as a trusted resource in the long term."

- Eloiza T., EY Ventures Group
"I was able to fill in all the pieces that I was missing to bring my whole brand together.  With the 5 day challenge I learned so much! I appreciate you so much, this was so helpful." 

- Candace W.
"Starting a business can be scary, starting a business during a global pandemic can be even scarier. Upperhand creative took us by the hand (literally) and guided us every step of the way to starting our business. They paved us a solid foundation that will uphold our business for years to come. From a blue collar worker to now a successful business owner, I can truly say I couldn’t of done it without Upperhand Creative." 

- Elizabeth and Josh T.
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